The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

I have always thought this is one of the best books ever. I don’t care that it is a children’s book. It speaks the truth. I can’t say I had a “Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day.”

I have decided that somehow I have entered a time  warp and landed in a parallel universe. truth be told I am having a terrible horrible very bad week.  Every time I think things are starting to get better life throws a curve ball and they get worse. I am about to really go into orbit.

I am trying every coping skill I have to remain peaceful and calm. I mean I consider myself to be a rational person. But I’m telling you what the Universe is really trying my patience this week.

The only reason I haven’t completely gone into orbit is because I know one thing if nothing else THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Besides I’m a bit of a competition hog and if JOB can  make it through and still keep praising GOD after all he lost I can keep on strutting with the little  petty curve balls being thrown my way. I told you I like to be first. So if JOB can do it and survive so can I.

There are probably a few people who think I might be a little touched because I have actually found myself laughing a couple times this week when someone has thrown their best fast ball at me. I keep thinking is that the best you got? Do you really think is going to break me? Nope so sorry I survived worse than that with one hand tied behind my back. I don’t break easy. But I am getting a little annoyed at this little game.

For reasons I can not explain I seem to be the person everyone turns to when they need a shoulder. Hello I am not Plymouth Rock. Go sit down somewhere have some quiet reflection and figure it out yourself. If I had wanted t be a therapist and listen to people’s problems I wouldn’t have majored in Sports Journalism. Though now days I could have really racked up as a sports journalist therapist. Some of these pro athletes really have some issues.

I could go into detail but then we’d be here all night and I only have 30 minutes to finish this blog write Pay it Forward for Friday and do a little farming on Farmville. I play the game with my aunt and I’ve been slacking on that too this week. I think she ordered carrots Monday and I still haven’t taken the 5 minutes it takes to click, plant, and fertilize the things. Just sad.

Oh well the weekend is coming and when I crawl into bed tonight I am going to watch the Boondocks and The Flintstones until I fall asleep, if I fall asleep, maybe even Despicable ME surely that will make me feel better. Tomorrow is a new day right? I may be down for a minute, but I’m never out for the count and never ever broken.

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