Wednesday Wishes 9/18

I’ve never been the lovey dovey type of girl. I keep telling you fam I’m not that girl. Or at least I didn’t think I was. The house is quiet and though I have a lot on my mind my wish tonight is simple. All I want right now is to lay my head in Nick’s chest and listen to the rhythm of his heart beat as I fall asleep.
There is something special about being with someone who knows you so well they can finish your sentences.  Someone who loves you despite your flaws.  Having a mate who is constantly thinking of the the next move we need to make to succeed is a weight of my shoulders.  This is the first time I can see myself growing old with the same person. By no means does he complete me that only happens in fairy tales.  What he does do is plan life like a chess match. He analyzes every move. Then he quietly waits to see if I will elevate myself or if it’ll be a joint effort. It’s the times when I think I’m so close to failure he holds me tight and carries me. Not because I can’t carry myself, but because we soar higher together.
I never thought I could spend my life with one person, boring. Now everyday I wake up thankful for my family,  but most importantly thankful I have another day to share with this incredible man. He makes me laugh and wipes my tears when I cry. Every night as I say my prayers I’m wishing that we have as long as my grandparents had together. Every night my wish, my prayer is to grow old with the love of my life.
Elle Varner expressed it best in her song leaf.  Every man just wants to be needed. You’ll never know to love comes home how it feels to gave live on your side. So when you go into the night ill be there your brightest star. Ill look you in the eye surround you with love. When u smile I’ll be there, and when you cry ill be there. Ill be your air for sure forever more just as long as our hands are entwined. So when you go into a storm ill be there protect you. Ill shoot the waves down. Ill be there. I love LEAF BY ELLE VARNER. It simplifies how I’ve finally found everything I need. I’ve always had to carry the weight of two. It’s so nice to sit back and just find me, carry my own weight and know if either of us needs someone the other will carry them through the deep end.
My Wednesday wish today is that I’ll be falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat for many decades to come. I live you babe.

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