Still Tuesday.

I know I’m late with the gratitude Tuesday blog. I apologize. Every time I tried to get to it something else happened. First I was a little annoyed, then I thought all these little annoyances are things I can be grateful and thankful for. So I decided to get my mind right.

Went to the farmer’s market today as soon as I got out of the car it started pouring down rain. ANNOYING. Then I switched it to Something Positive I’m eating some of the most delicious freshest food around for about 40 to 50% less then what I would have paid in the grocery store. Fresh homemade cibatta bread, home made spaghetti sauce? I bought fresh mozzerella and other cheeses and our lasagne is going to be off the chain. And the rai  vooled it off while I shopped. Thanks GOD.

My small annoyance got me thinking of all the times I’ve annoyed my mom yet for some reason she’s still glad I’m around. Let’s be fair I think she can walk on water now, but as a teenager she worked my last nerve. Today I’m thankful for every irritation.

I wanted to go away  to dome dark wooded Jason Vorhees infested like place for summer camp. Why? I don’t know I hate being dirty. Everyone else was going so I thought my mom was evil cu I couldn’t go. Well mom thank you. As an adult I cant think of anything worse then sleeping outside eating gruel, getting poison ivy with strangers. Oh what fun. Sooo grateful for that one mom.

Whenever I or my brother were sick my mom would read to us make homemade soup, hot totties then crawl in the bed with her hit infectious feverish child. She did this without any regard to her own personal safety. I’m a germophobe. I might have done it but only with a haz mat suit on and lots of lysol.

Whenever I think I can’t my mom just laughs and says call me when the pity party is over and get it done. Seems harsh but blessed to say my brother and I don’t fail often. Plus she always picks us up after the fall dusts us off then says now get it done. Can’t be anything but grateful when you have a mom who believes in you. After she dust makes the wounds all better she goes to a quiet place and prays for us. How can I be negative with her pulling those shananagins?

Obviously what I most thankful for when it comes to my mom is her love and support. I have some of the thickest hair in the world. As a kid it was long and she was partial to yanking my brains out then putting a bunch of loud annoying barrettes allover my head. I thunk it was a secret tracking system. Couldn’t get far with all that noise my hair was making.  But looking back today sitting in the floor Watching TV getting my hair done were some of the best times in my childhood, That’s when she was secretly showing me how to be a woman. I told you she s something else. 🙂

  1. Yeah but it’s when it gets tough that we have to look decide if we are going to break or soar to higher heights. My wise little brother taught that

  2. Great thoughts today. Sometimes life gets annoying. Things stop working, everything seems difficult. Still, God finds a way to lead us to gratitude. That makes all the difference.

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