My Chicago BEARS are UnBearable

First things first, why the press wasn’t called to Halas Hall this morning to learn  Marc Trestman and his entire coaching staff had been fired, and or that Jay Cutler  has been benched effective immediately is beyond me. Since that isn’t the breaking news out of Chicago, I don’t even know where to start. So I’m going to let the great Jim Mora speak for me with one of the greatest sports rants of all time.

Jim, I know you were referring to the Colts, but the same applies to my beloved Bears. Gone are dreams of playoffs and NFC Championships, I just hope we can win another game. Two 50 point beat downs in 3 weeks (let’s not forget one of those weeks was a bye)  suggests I have a better chance of my fairy god-mother granting a wish than seeing my Bears put another W in the win column.

This season started with so much hope and promise. How could we be anything but playoff bound with the offensive weapons at Cutler’s disposal? I mean even Cutler couldn’t mess that up right? They told us that there would be a return to the defensive mindset that has always been a cornerstone for the Bears. Clearly the team didn’t get the memo. No one is playing defense in Chi-town these days, not a single soul.  I cannot remember a Bears/Packers game where I didn’t talk smack. Even when we lose it’s always competitive. Then yesterday happened. There are certain things that are just not forgivable; getting mauled  55-14 in PRIMETIME against our rivals, our nemesis is definitely one of them. The loss to the Patriots hurt but on Any Given Sunday and all that. But losing to the Green Bay Packers in this fashion??? THAT is never supposed to happen. There is NEVER EVER supposed to be a Sunday where the  Pop Warner Bears take the field in Green Bay in place of the Monsters of the Midway and think it’s going to be ok. THIS IS NOT OKAY. Even if the season is a loss you have to show up against Green Bay. You have to show up and play every week. Trestman and his staff need to be on the first thing smoking not back to Chi-town but back to Canada.  I feel like I should rant and rave and scream, but I’m too wounded and embarrassed to drum up the energy to do so. Coach Herman Edwards please explain the purpose of these little things called football games. They’re played for a reason. Coach, why do we play the games?

Well Coach, clearly not everyone on the Bears roster or front office knew you were supposed to play to win the games. They couldn’t possibly because it was real clear that some of  the people in uniform aren’t ready to carry on the legacy of the Bears’  storied franchise. It’s one thing to lose and go down fighting it’s another to give up. When your starting QB nonchalantly takes a butt whipping like that, well kind of makes me wonder if he’s already in sunny California enjoying the off season. I don’t want to hear Cutler is Diabetic and it makes it hard for him to be emotional.  First of all I’ve had to take insulin so let me put this bluntly that’s a crock of  BS. If you can’t get upset, mad, or fired up after the ass whippings you’re taking this year then you need to take your insulin and go home. I’m a bit emotional about this loss so it is possible for a diabetic to drum up some emotion. Let’s be real clear here, I was a Chicago Bear fan before they  started winning. Playoffs, no playoffs, good, bad, and every season in between. I will always ride with them but that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn the other cheek like this mess is OK. It is not. Brandon Marshall said a few weeks ago this is unacceptable. We were 3-4 and then. There are no words for what this is.  I thought I would always know the Bears football identity. Sadly my Bears are no longer who I thought they were.

I guess if I had pulled my head out of the sand when we were 3-4 I would’ve known who we had become. Maybe Coach Green is right, in my heart I still want to crown them, but this season they are exactly who we thought they were.


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