Crushed 5th Favorite Post of 2013

The New Year is fast approaching and I’m in desperate  need of Candy Crush Saga Rehab. Recently Candy Crush added a new twist to the game. There  are now two worlds competing for my attention and time in the Candy Land. The original land and the new Dreamworld starring Odus. Odus is a night owl  who balances himself on a scale weighted by candy. If you  move to fast Odus wakes up from his nap and falls off the scale. it is quite comical when he flaps his wing across  his eyes as if to suggest he can’t stand to look at his impending doom. I’d like to spend more time telling you all about the new features and bonuses available in Candy Land but my heart has stop weeping and I have anew life to spend. Enjoy my fifth favorite post of 2013. Happy Crushing.
Every where you look someone is playing Candy Crush Saga. About two weeks ago I composed a Dr. Seuss inspired poetic plea for my friends on Facebook to stop sending me Candy Crush Saga requests. It went something like this:
I will not play Candy Crush. I will not play it in the car in a rush. I will not play Candy Crush. No I will not. Not even in the dark in a whispered hush. I will not make moves will my teeth I brush. I will not play Candy Crush. I will not. Please with these life requests please hush.  I promise you I will not play Candy Crush.
Yeah. I said it. Now I’m sure you are wondering what any of this has to do with Wednesday Wishes.  Well for reason I can not explain I attempted to do some research to why in the world all my friends and family could not function without this game. I have a thing about being right and proving other people wrong. Now I’m hooked. My poor tablet won’t stay charged because as soon as I run out of lives I start begging for more lives. I wait anxiously for the little heart to stop weeping meaning I have another life to attempt to get to the next level. I guess it goes without saying my family and friends gladly send me lives when i request them with a gleeful heart, and a little ribbing. I need Candy Crush Rehab badly. Today my Wednesday wish is that I had stayed far far away from the Candy Crush Saga app.  I warn you do not click on it. Don’t download it. It will change your life. I like to spend more time trying to convince you of the evil ways of this game but my heart has stopped weeping and I have a new life. I have got to get off level 28 with this one life or wait another 30 minutes while the heart weeps in pain for another life. I’m crushed but I got to go. See you tomorrow same bat channel sometime between weeping hearts

  1. Thank you so much, I’ll do my best to keep it interesting. Best Regards

  2. Rhea,
    I’m so very glad my Candy Crush addiction lead to something good. I hope breakfast was lovely.

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