Michigan vs. That Other Big 10 Team

Michigan and that other  team. I don’t  need to tell you who that other team is because in sports Nothing is bigger. Nothing else matters more than THIS GAME. This is the greatest rivalry in all of sports. Not college sports not pro sports nothing is bigger than the THE GAME. You don’t have to take my word for it. ESPN recently did a special on the greatest sports  rivalries of all time. Michigan vs Ohio St is number one.  So like I said it all comes down to this.   http://espn.go.com/endofcentury/s/other/bestrivalries.html

Going to the Rose Bowl that’s great. Playing for a National Championship even better. Beating Yuck Eye State priceless.  Records don’t matter when the Wolverines and those other guys take the field. This year the experts would have you believe the BIG GAME this weekend is Bedlam Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State,  or Clemson vs. South Carolina it’s not.  Even though those games are big they aren’t as big as the one taking place in Ann Arbor. If you don’t believe this is the biggest game of the year then explain why the Governor of Ohio banned khakis. Wearing Khakis in the state of Ohio is illegal today. What does that have to do with THE GAME? Michigan’s coach Jim Harbaugh wears Khakis. I guess the Governor didn’t want to take any chances.

Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler  two of the games biggest icons squared off. Bo promised every Wolverine who signed with him “You Will Be Champions.” If that other team beats Michigan and Penn State knocks off Michigan State the Yuckeyes will advance to the Big 10 Championship. I don’t think matters because Penn State is NOT beating Sparty, but digress.

Records and what the teams look like on paper don’t matter today. What matters is bragging rights in the most contested rivalry in sports. What matters is ending Urban Meyer’s streak here at Michigan. Michigan will play in a bowl game during the post season. Today Wolverine fans don’t care about that. This is our Superbowl. Anything can happen and has happened on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. There is magic in the air. Sometimes Wolverine Nation “shocks the world,” but never the TRUE BLUE.

Ok,well sometimes even Blue Nation is shocked by our Beloved Wolverines. That other team game in and clobbered us. I mean they put a beat down on us. THEY won 42-13. We don’t like them. They don’t like us. I did my part. I didn’t wear any Michigan gear.I only watched the 1st qtr and when  THOSE  guys took the  lead I turned the game off. Don’t act like i;m the only one. You know sometimes you jinx your team by watching. I’ve watched part of 3 games this season Utah, Michigan State and todays game. We lost all three. I may never watch another Michigan game again. Even though the Big Ten Championship Game is next Saturday, It All Comes Down to This. It always does because this is the game players mark on their calendar after they get their jersey.  Anything can happen even the unexpected, because this Saturday is Game Day.

Let’s go Blue.

  1. Well, that didn’t turn out like we all hoped, but I still appreciate the shoutout in the related articles section. Good piece.

  2. Well, that didn’t turn out like we all hoped, but I still appreciate the shoutout in the related articles section. Good piece.

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